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About Youtube Vanced

Youtube Vanced Apk is a modified application from Youtube. It is one of the video content-based social media platforms, where it is quite popular worldwide. Everyone can register or have a Youtube account, after which the platform can only be used, such as watching or uploading videos. In addition, users can also share the videos they watch with others through their social media. In its development, many people have made Youtube a job field to earn money. Where users need to upload videos and get likes, subscribes, watch hours, and just registered Google Adsense to get them.

Interesting Things of Youtube Vanced Apk

The popularity of to date is endless. Although there are similar applications, many people are already familiar with using Youtube. However, it is also not uncommon for users who use the modified version to get features that are not in the original version of the Youtube application. Mod or modified apps are developed and released by third parties to match Youtube. Because this type does not yet have official permission from the official Youtube developer. The mod app is quite difficult to find on the Google Play Store list. Although the mod version, but there is an interesting thing about Youtube Vanced, namely the absence of ads like the official version. So that users can be free and free when watching through this application without being disturbed by ads. It's different when watching videos using the Official version of Youtube. Where there will definitely be many ads that appear when opening a video both at the beginning, middle and end of viewing. So these ads are quite annoying for its users.

Interesting Features of Youtube Vanced Apk

In addition to the ad-free feature, Youtube Vanced also has several other interesting features. Some of these features can add to the excitement when watching videos on Youtube. Here's more details.

1. Free App

Users can use the application and its features for free or unpaid. There is no need to subscribe, buy, pay, or similar terms. It is guaranteed that all the features in it are free even if you only open the premium version. With this application, users can search for many videos on Youtube as much as they want for free. If you want to watch online, you need to have internet and waste your internet quota, just downloading it can watch videos offline. However, users need to use the application or download site first. For users who have a hobby of recording daily activities, there is nothing wrong with being used as interesting content. Next, just upload the video on Youtube Vanced Apk for free. Then you can also share the content with other people or followers on other social media.

2. Watch Without Ads

As previously explained, using Youtube Vanced Apk can watch videos without the interruption of ads. Because many users are quite disturbed by the presence of ad serving when opening or watching videos. If using the official version, users need to pay or subscribe to get rid of these ads.

3. Complete Youtube Built-in Features

Although the version is modified, Youtube Vanced also retains all the features of the official version. That way users don't have to worry if they want to apply like the original version. These features such as exploration, subscribe, share and others and interestingly there are some features that cannot be found in the official version.

4. Dark Mode Feature

One of the interesting features that is quite widely used in this application is Dark Mode. This dark mode feature is quite suitable for use when watching videos on Youtube at night. With a small level of light brightness, so it can be more comfortable when the eye sees it. Interestingly, users do not need to make settings on smartphones. Because the mode can be activated directly through the application. The trick is just to adjust it to the user's condition as long as it is comfortable when watching it.

5. Picture to Picture

Next is the Picture to Picture feature, where users can watch videos through the background screen. Or it can be interpreted as being able to watch videos even though you have pressed the home button on the Smartphone. Usually on the Officil version of Youtube, the video will stop automatically when pressing the home button. However, this does not apply when using Youtube Vanced Apk. Because the video will continue to run and not pause like the original version.

6. Mode HDR

The next advantage that is not present in the official version is the HDR mode option. So that when users watch videos, it can give a good effect with much better quality. Therefore, type users feel that there is a visual impairment can activate the HDR mode on this application.

7. Parallel Type Support

Another advantage available in this application is the parallel feature, where users can use it without the need to buy a premium Youtube version. With this option, of course, users no longer need to delete the original version. Because without the need to uninstall or delete, users can use the modified version of Youtube in line with the official version.

8. Offline Video Feature

For this feature is almost the same as the official version, users can save or watch videos without using internet quota or connecting to a Wifi network. However, the difference in video quality on Youtube Vanced Apk starts from 114p, 240p, 360p to HD quality depending on what the user wants.  


List of all the exclusive features of YouTube Vanced App.


Main Features:

  • consists of a real AMOLED dark mode that helps save battery life and relieves eye strain.
  • When adblocking is turned on, it removes all advertisements from videos and allows you to play them in the background or in PiP mode (Picture in Picture) - this feature is compatible with Android 8.0 and later.
  • Swipe Control, similar to that of other video players such as MX Player, is used to adjust the level of brightness and volume (with configurable padding).
  • With the auto-repeat function, you may have the pleasure of listening to and seeing your favorite music and films play continuously in a loop.
  • The new comments area or the mini player don't pique your curiosity too much, do they? You need just switch them over to the tablet version, which is very much like the previous version (slightly buggy though).
Main Features:
Main Features:


  • Codec choices may be overridden, thus older devices can be forced to use H.264 or VP9, for example.
  • It gives you the option to switch off HDR playback and 60 frames per second automatically if you want a more cinematic experience. (If you join our Discord or XDA, you'll have access to all of the custom device configurations.)
  • You are given the option of setting the default video resolution to either a high or low value, and you are also given the ability to override the screen resolution in order to play back 4K video on any device.
  • You have the ability to alter the default playback speed from 0.25x all the way up to 2x (assuming your device is good enough)
  • Ability to toggle home advertisements, merchandise ads, UI ads, community posts, movie upselling, compact movies, movie shelf removal, compact banners (like covid info), and delete comments, as well as many more features!

Sponsor Block:

  • New function to bypass the obnoxious commercials from our sponsors (where the YouTuber puts a service or product ads in the middle of a video)
  • You are also able to skip additional items that you do not want to see, such as introductions and closing credits, as well as reminders to like and subscribe.
  • The use of this API led to the discovery of the page located at, as shown by the following link: Simply clicking on the link will take you to more details on the operation of this API..
  • Additionally includes the capability to contribute to the community by submitting your own segments to the API.
  • Complete control over whether a sponsored section should be skipped automatically, if a button should be shown for bypassing it, or whether it should be skipped at all.
  • This function highlights the segments in the search bar or timeline with the appropriate colors depending on the category to which they belong.
Sponsor Block
Sponsor Block

Return YouTube™ Dislike

  • Rolls back the removal of the dislike counter, allowing you to once again see the total number of dislikes for each video.
  • Finding this page was made possible by the Return YouTubeTM Dislike API. The page may be accessed at Please go here for more explanation on how it works.
  • It utilizes extended and vanced userbase hate contributions in addition to archived dislike data for older videos in order to estimate the overall number of dislikes for new videos.